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Thanks, Jamie!

She loves it!

It all started 17 years ago,



…for these sweet new Milwaukee Brewing Company pint glasses!

KB broke a fourth one before we left Chicago… dammit,


…for the swag! We’ll wear our shirts (and stickers) with pride!

Meatshake wears a feline small,


…who made it to our shower last Saturday! It was great seeing everyone. And a special thanks to Mom and Aunt Robin for throwing it together so quickly.

Love all you guys!

Just like old times,


…for this.

Can’t wait to get it framed,


“The Blarg” had its biggest day yesterday with nearly 420 unique views!

I’d like to think it was mostly because of this or this, but I’m more inclined to think it had to do with this. Especially with over 40 comments on the post.

Whatever the case, I’m just glad it happened!

Thanks to all the readers, and super-awesome thanks to those who’ve passed “The Blarg” along to friends.

Shooting for 500,


“The Blarg” welcomed over 400 readers yesterday, crushing the site’s previous one-day high of 353!

Thanks to everyone who is a regular visitor to the site, and an extra special thanks to anyone who has ever passed it along to someone else.

Trying to hit a thousand by 2010,


Old Poop!