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…right here:

He’s the black version of the bearded dude in “Jožin z Bažin”,


…right here.

STS’ upcoming album, The Illustrious, will be released in July 2012 with production by The Alchemist, Big Krit, Will Power and Groove Chambers.

Me likey free,


…the music video for The Black Keys’ “Howlin’ For You” is quite possibly one of the best videos ever made.

Unfortunately, the folks at Warner Music Group are greedy pigs and won’t allow their content to be embedded on certain sites, so check it out here.

I’m pretty sure God would consider it a sin not to glorify that ass,


…is awesome.

I’m aching now,



And that’s saying a lot, folks, because I never buy anything!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

If you dig The Black Keys and hip-hop, get your own copy on 11-27-09!

Holy crap. I can’t wait.



In the player today:

Disc One: Quincy Jones and Bill Cosby “The Original Jam Sessions 1969” – It’s 1969: Quincy Jones and Bill Cosby get together and create amazing jazz-funk gems for Cosby’s sitcom, “The Bill Cosby Show.” Making guest appearances on the album are some of the genre’s most legendary performers, including Milt Jackson and Jimmy Smith, among others. It’s now 2004: Quincy Jones unearths ten of these songs and collects them into one sweet album. Dad is great! He gives us the chocolate cake!

Disc Two: The Pharcyde “Labcabincalifornia” – The sophomore follow-up to what went on to become one of hip-hop’s most legendary debuts, “Labcabincalifornia” isn’t as brilliant or groundbreaking as its predecessor, but it’s still a damn fine record. Listening to it now kind of bums me out because it was the last thing Pharcyde created before fame and fortune came between friends. Of course, they’re “reunited” now, so maybe a third album is in their future. But even if they do produce another one, the dynamic won’t be the same as it was back in the early nineties.

Disc Three: The Black Keys “Thickfreakness” – One of my favorite bands ever. If you know them, you love them. If you don’t know them, you should. Two scraggly-ass white boys from Nowhere, Ohio who, armed only with a drum kit and a guitar, make more noise than a jumbo jet crashing into a freight train. Bearded jumbo jets and trains!

Disc Four: Chromeo “Fancy Footwork” – The Eighties! Trapper Keepers! Scratch ‘n’ Sniff stickers! Jelly shoes! Reagan! Charm bracelets! “Don’t Worry, Be Happy!” Chromeo!

Disc Five: Electric Six “Fire” – I loved this album when it first came out, but haven’t listened to it in a really long time. And you know what? It completely holds up. I feared the shtick of Electric Six might not be as entertaining years later (i.e. Tenacious D, Adam Sandler albums, having sex with me, etc.), but the music is still solid and the lyrics are still funny. I mean, how can one hear a song titled “Naked Pictures (Of Your Mother)” and not laugh?

What are you knobs listening to these days?



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