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We’re watching 1968’s The Boston Strangler. In it, there’s a character named Attorney General Edward W. Brooke. The actor (shown below on the right) looked extremely familiar to me, but I couldn’t place him.

William Marshall: Attorney General Edward W. Brooke

After a quick IMDb search, I found out he was played by actor William Marshall, who was also known as Blacula.

William Marshall: Blacula

But that’s not what Marshall is best known for. For five seasons, Marshall played the King of Cartoons on Pee-wee’s Playhouse.

William Marshall: The King of Cartoons

That’s right, Blacula is the King of Cartoons. Holy shit.

I heard the sound of my brains imploding,



Clocking in at 144 pages of murder and mayhem, Image/Shadowline releases a collected trade of the sold-out two-issue mini-series “The Roberts” today!

"The Roberts" graphic novel cover

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Erik and I worked hard on this puppy and we’re damn proud of it. The collected trade includes 48 pages of new material including correspondence between yours truly and Charles Manson and Richard Ramirez, as well as a brand-new four-page story.

Dig it, and dig it well!


Old Poop!