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…for a lot of reasons, to be honest, but mostly because I’ve had a short stack of CDs here that I’ve been meaning to mention for awhile now.

Thanks to the long (and slightly sordid) history of “Tastes Like Chicken,” I still get the occasional press item sent my way. I decided awhile back that I will no longer review items here because, let’s be honest, my opinions are meaningless. That, and also because after a decade of writing reviews they all became the same exact thing: “This CD is like (fill in the blank). This part is bad, this part is good. Yawn.”

Still, over the past few/many months, I’ve received a handful of discs I honestly enjoy, so rather than bore you with reviews I’m just going to list them here. Each one is linked to the artist’s website, so if you’re interested in learning more about them check them out.

I’m digging (in no particular order):

Open Mike Eagle’s “Unapologetic Art Rap”

Sleepy Sun’s “Fever”

Beats Antique’s “Blind Threshold”

The Budos Band’s “The Budos Band III”

The Wailing Wall’s “The Low Hanging Fruit”

Street Sweeper Social Club’s “The Ghetto Blaster EP”

Seek out new music… now!

Officially caught up,


Old Poop!