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Nine Inch Nails' "Hesitation Marks"

Admittedly, I miss a lot about Tastes Like Chicken. One thing I don’t miss, however, is writing reviews.

To be honest, I find reviews to be both a useless form of writing and a horrible waste of time. After all, reviews are just someone’s opinion, and who am I (or who is anyone, for that matter) to dictate the worthiness of something? I might love something everyone else hates (or vice versa). I couldn’t care less about what other people like, and I hope other people couldn’t care less about what I like.

And so, with all that being said, the next dozen posts here on “The Blarg” are going to make me sound like a complete hypocrite! High-five!

As some of you may know (but most of you probably won’t), Nine Inch Nails released a new album on September 3rd titled Hesitation Marks. Now, I’m a big Nine Inch Nerd, as is my good friend Erik Rose. So when he suggested we record audio reviews for each track of the new album a couple weeks ago, I was all like, “Fuck yeah! Let’s do it!”

And so this is the first installment of what will be, when all is said and done, a twelve-part series.

I still think reviews are total bullshit, and once you give these reviews a listen I’m sure you’ll agree with me. Each audio file is pretty short (they average under ten minutes or so), but I’m glad Erik and I recorded them because they remind me less of the reviews we did during our TLC days, and more of the monthly radio show we used to do with Dwellephant and Dori on WMSE back in Milwaukee.

Some parts of these reviews are fairly straightforward; other parts are just babbling and ridiculousness. We hope you enjoy both parts.

For this first entry we reviewed the album’s short instrumental intro (“The Eater of Dreams”) and the first full track (“Copy of A”).

Click the link below to download or stream the file.

Episode 1 – “The Eater of Dreams” & “Copy of A”

Enjoy! Or don’t! Whatever!

One a day for twelve days,


PS: To learn more about just how much I love Trent Reznor, read this.

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