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…he was on “The Price is Right.”

Jesse Plinko,



The set looks more gaudy than ever before (a feat one would think to be impossible), the models are more hookerish than ever, the wheel is now PURPLE, and Carey has about as much grace as a Velociraptor trying to finger an eight-year-old!

Swear to Christ, Carey just said this: “And you had the boat, the popcorn cart, and some other prize I don’t remember.”


I admit, I didn’t like that chubby Republican (or “Chubublican”) before he took over “The Price is Right,” but he’s raping the show!

I can only imagine how he explains Plinko to people!

Chubublican: “You like, take these discs and then throw them at the board or something like that.”

Come on! Someone pull this fat bastard off the air! Bob Barker is rolling around in his grave right now, and he’s not even dead yet!

I’m seriously waiting for Barker to show up on-set with his tiny little Dum-Dum sucker microphone and cram it into Carey’s peehole.

“I told you to spay and neuter all lazy game show hosts!”

Lordy. Why not just put that fat guy from “Home Improvement” in charge of “The Family Feud,” for shit’s sake!

Oh… wait.

Come on down,


Old Poop!