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If you know me, you know I try not to talk about upcoming projects until they become more… structurally sound. One of said projects is The Roberts, which will be the film adaptation of the graphic novel I wrote (and Erik Rose illustrated) that was first published in 2008.

Bringing The Roberts to the silver screen is what initially brought us to L.A. seven years ago. Since then, the project has gone through a lot of ups and downs, but a couple years ago The Roberts fell into a groove with producing team (and husband and wife) Elliott Lewitt and Julie Kirkham.

Julie had a long history of working with up-and-coming writers, helping them hone their voice and develop their scripts to their maximum potential. And so, when The Roberts got underway with Elliott and Julie producing, we started by looking at the first draft of my adapted script… and then going through a series of rewrites. While Elliott was also involved in this process early on, I worked primarily with Julie in those days, rewriting, rewriting, and rewriting again each new draft of the script.

Writers are a divisive, highly opinionated lot, but there is one thing we can all agree on: booze. Oh, and one other thing: that the current draft of a script is the best draft that will ever exist.

Julie knew otherwise, doing what she did best: pushing me to pen a sharper and smarter version of The Roberts. After months of meetings, rewrites, more meetings and rewrites, the script finally got to a place where we all felt confident in sending it out to talent.

Sadly, Julie passed away last week. The details of this are unimportant. What is important, however, is that I got to know her, work with her, and develop The Roberts alongside her.

When the movie finally gets made, which it will, both her name and her fingerprint will be on it. And now, more than ever, I hope to make her proud of that final outcome.

She is, and will forever be, missed.


Just a brief audio tease,


The first time I've ever heard it read out loud.

What a team!

"We can smell our own."

Thanks to everyone who made it possible,


…on a flight to L.A. from London.

We were on our way back home from Berlin and Belgium; Vanessa was traveling from her home country of England to meet up with her husband Dominic, who was in town as a guest at a Doctor Who convention.

Vanessa is a freelance photographer and composer; Dominic is also a composer (in 1986, he created this Doctor Who theme for the show’s 23rd Season). As fellow creative folks, we quickly hit it off.

We talked about film, television, politics—a little bit of everything—and exchanged info when we landed. Soon after, we became Facebook friends with Vanessa. A couple weeks later, we became Facebook friends with Dominic.

A few days ago, they posted this photo of Dominic reading The Roberts at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy to my wall.

Dominic Glynn reading "The Roberts" at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy!

I now officially love these folks.

Can’t wait to visit them in England… someday,


…so, naturally, I’ve been reading up on some of the Zodiac Killer’s history.

I was trying to figure out the distance between two of Zodiac’s kill sites—Lake Herman Road and Blue Rock Springs Park—so I looked it up on Google Maps.

Here’s the turnout on Lake Herman Road where Zodiac killed Betty Lou Jensen and David Faraday:

Lake Herman Road on Google Maps.

But if you zoom in on the sign just to the left of the truck, you’ll find this:

He lives.

He lives.

Or some dipshit teenagers did it,


As many of you probably already know, back in 2008 I wrote a graphic novel titled The Roberts that was illustrated by my good friend Erik Rose.

To be honest, in a lot of ways, The Roberts is what brought me out to Los Angeles; the book had interest from film producers, got optioned, and landed me my first agent. That was over five years ago now.

Since then, bringing the story to the silver screen has proven to be a roller coaster ride. Because of this, I’ve held back on giving updates of any progress. But if you’re friends with me on Facebook or follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that, lately, I’ve been posting images like this:


Cryptic, I know.

The truth is, recently, progress on The Roberts has been moving along at quite a clip, so I thought I’d take a moment to give you a quick update.

It’s my pleasure to announce that Erik and I have been working with producers Elliott Lewitt and Julie Kirkham (3, 2, 1… Frankie Go Boom) and directors Durul and Yağmur Taylan (collectively known as the Taylan Brothers) on bringing Robert Sprunger and Robert Steib to life on the big screen.

TEAM ROBERTS... minus Julie, who shot the photo.

The Taylan Brothers will be directing the film from my script, which I adapted from the graphic novel a few years ago. If you aren’t familiar with the Taylans you can learn more here, and definitely be sure to check out their 2009 film Vavien, which sold Erik and I on having them direct.

Of course, making movies is a long and arduous process, but I finally feel confident enough on where things are currently at to be able to share them with you. Look for more updates soon.

2014 is turning out pretty okay so far,


…is representing “The Roberts” all the way over in London!

I’m not big in Japan,


…from Horror Happy Hour.

Dig it here.



…were posted on Facebook by my family last week.

They’re both great, so I thought I’d share them with you.

The first is a photo of my Grandpa Hi-Guy (also known as Robert Joseph Steib). In this photo, he’s poking a stick at the one creature he feared most: a snake. Maybe not a great idea, but definitely a great photo.

The second photo is of my Grandpa Shady (also known as Robert Kenneth Shady). In this photo, he’s sitting next to his mother, my Great Grandma Mary. He looks like Little Lord Fauntleroy here, doesn’t he?

Yep. Those are my grandfathers.

The Roberts,


Now that “Breaking Bad” is over, the second season of the BBC series “Luther” is easily my favorite show on television.

Want proof? Over the past year I’ve written posts about the show here and here and here.

So imagine my surprise when a few images from “The Roberts” (the graphic novel I wrote and my good friend Erik Rose illustrated) popped up in the finale of the show’s second season.

While watching the finale (or episode four if you’re interested in tracking it down for yourself), about twelve minutes into the episode, I noticed one illustration in particular that struck me as familiar. In the scene, John Luther (played by the amazing Idris Elba) is going through a serial killer’s apartment looking for clues. Hanging there on the wall to the left of his face was Erik Rose’s illustration of one of the Boston Strangler’s victims.

Here’s a pulled back shot. The image you’re looking for is of the face-up woman directly across and to the left of Elba’s head.

Here’s a closer look. His eyes are directly across from hers.

And finally, even closer.

In the book, it was the right side of this two-page spread.

I also caught one other illustration from the book in the shot. Just to the left of Elba’s fingertips in this screen cap is one of Erik’s illustrations of the Zodiac Killer. It’s kind of hard to see, but he’s pointing a gun at the viewer.

In the book, it looks like this.

I’ve got to say, I’ve been flattered by a lot of things over the years, but this was pretty damn cool. Especially considering I caught it myself.

If you have never seen “Luther” watch it now. The first season is six episodes, the second season only four, so you have no reason not to.

So happy it didn’t show up on “2 Broke Girls,”


Old Poop!