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We soon traveled down the wormhole...

I forgot to post this last week… mostly because I spent most of last week drunk.

Our good friends Roxy (top middle) and Clifford (top left) came into L.A. from Cologne and Beijing (respectively) to work the AFM (American Film Market) for THR (The Hollywood Reporter). (PARENTHESIS!)

Before last week, we had only hung out and partied with these guys in Berlin and Cannes. Without fail, those evenings ended in two categories: late and drunk.

I thought L.A. would be different. I was wrong.

They got in on Monday and immediately wanted to go drinking. I ended up sleeping all day Tuesday. Literally, all day Tuesday. Roxy and Clifford, somehow, got up and went to work. I’m convinced they are androids.

Saturday night, we met up with them at a bar around 10PM. By 2AM, the owners were yelling at us to, “…seriously, leave already.”

I love these guys—and can’t wait to see them both again in February when KB and I head back to Berlin for a fourth time—but I don’t think my liver would’ve survived if they had stuck around L.A. for one more day.

Shady: “Hanging with you guys is so much fun! Let’s drink more!”

Shady’s Liver: “Fuck you guys. Go home already.”

So excited (and yet, dreading) Berlin,


…and the rest of THR (“The Hollywood Reporter”) on their Cover of the Day nod on SPD (The Society of Publication Designers).

That’s a lot of acronyms,


Old Poop!