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Bad, Tiger. BAD TIGER!

Mauling while intoxicated,


…this would have been my statement to the world:

“Fuck all of you vultures. I owe you nothing. So what? I slept with some chicks. I’m more famous than God and have more money than Jesus; this is what people like me do. Deal with it. Get a fucking life, leave me the fuck alone, and go fuck yourself. Amen… to me.”

Sadly, he vag’d out and begged for forgiveness. Yawn.

More pussy than tiger,


…right here:


Stop talking about Tiger Woods. This isn’t news.

I think it’s hilarious that you spend most of your time talking about whether or not the media should be talking about it! Hypocrites!

Knock it off and move on to any other real news (i.e. two ongoing wars, a terrible economy, health care reform, etc.).

You’re no better than TMZ. Seriously.




Old Poop!