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Tim Cigelske's new book "Analytics to Action: A Guide to Social Media Measurement."

…his new book Analytics to Action: A Guide to Social Media Measurement.

The description:

“Analytics to Action is a guidebook for creating a social media measurement system. Topics include selecting relevant metrics, identifying target audience, deciding which social networks to engage, optimizing posts for success, creating a management system, and predicting successful content. Technology will change, but your ability to move from analytics to action will endure.”

So if you’re looking to expand your social media reach (or if you’re looking for something more than my approach to social media, which is to curse and offend as much as possible), pick up your copy of Tim’s book here.

Gotta get our copy signed,


Father AND author!

…has already reached his Indiegogo goal for his upcoming book on social media analytics, Analytics to Action, but don’t let that stop you from preordering a copy (or checking out the numerous other perks)!

Learn more here.

Our copy’s coming,


…in Milwaukee last week, it proved to be a huge success for the Cigelskes.

Here’s a short video documenting the evening.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Rally ’round the family,


…I posted this about my good friends Tim and Jess.

Yesterday, Milwaukee’s NBC affiliate ran this story about their ongoing situation. Be sure to also check out the video link on the left side.

Getting through it,


…is trying to sell a shirt I donated to his organization here. Hop on over and check out the shirt, the story and the site for yourself.

Teecycle is a brilliant idea run by a great guy, so give it a look. Also, Tim is in really good shape and very cute.

I’m just saying.

Waiting for Prop 8 to die before I propose to Tim,


Old Poop!