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Is that a beard or an upside-down ice cream swirl?

Now all I need is a fridge (and house) to hang it on,


…I came across a box of books on the side of the road.

Being curious (Who wouldn’t be? They were free books!), I stopped and flipped through ’em.

Most of them were textbooks, talking about math or science or one of those other high school subjects I never paid much attention to. Pretty boring stuff.

But then I came across this:

"Yeast Control In Seven Days"

It’s a book written by a doctor about yeast infections and how to control them.

Let’s take a closer look at that cover artwork:

Yeast infection-fighting unicorn!

Yeah… because nothing says “yeast infection” like a unicorn fighting a two-headed yeast beast to the death in front of Medieval Times.

I’d hate to see what the cover of “Herpes Control In Seven Days” looks like,


Old Poop!