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Things have really slowed down here on The Blarg, mostly because I have a ton of projects brewing. Some of these projects will be announced soon (fingers crossed), and others may never see the light of day. That’s just how it goes in the industry I’m in, so we’ll see. I’m optimistically realistic.

Anyway, I’m going to do my best to jump back into delivering at least one new post a day (one post a day has always been my goal, even back when I started the site in 2008), but my apologies in advance if you end up not hearing from me again for a period of time.

I love updating The Blarg but, you know, life.

Stay tuned,


…updates on The Blarg have been pretty slow these past few months.

Some of this is due to the fact that summer is a crazy time that typically creates a bit of a lull in regular updates. After all, when it’s nice out, people should be out enjoying life/nature/booze/etc., not regularly checking in on an admittedly dumb blog that makes me exactly zero dollars.

But while all of that is a fact, I’ve also been insanely busy working on a ton of upcoming projects. Hopefully, if the stars align and everything goes well, I will be able to share some exciting updates with all of you very soon.

And if they don’t align, well… I’ll just drown myself in depression with cans of Miller High Life and frozen Jack’s pizzas over the winter, and then re-emerge fatter, bitter, and more beardy in the spring.

So, you know… wish me luck!

Thanks for the patience, and I honestly hope to share some amazing news with all of you very soon.

Fingers crossed,


…in the past few weeks, but shit has been crazy busy.

More on that later.

Until then, get ready for a deluge of posts starting right… NOW!

April starts late,


…while out in Hawaii, so look for a few photo uploads over there. Or you can avoid Twitter altogether and just go straight to my Twitpic page.

My life really isn’t that fascinating,


KB and I are off to Hawaii for one last time (at least for awhile). I’ll try and update the site while we’re away but probably not as often as I usually do.

I hope everyone enjoys the “Lost” series finale on Sunday!



…including a bunch of photos, so stay tuned.

We’ve got a short vacation planned Monday and Tuesday, so I’ll be away from my computer again for most of that time. But definitely check back later this week for more stories and photos from San Diego… and some details on a new project I’m working on.

The happiest place on Earth,


…in just a few hours.

I’ll try and update “The Blarg” from the road, but if you want to keep track of my minute-by-minute mobile updates, make sure you’re following me on Twitter.



Someone (and by “someone” I mean “a genius”) hacked into the personal Twitter accounts of celebrities and businesses yesterday and left crude messages for all their adoring fans to read.

For example, if you are a follower of FOX News’ Twitter updates (which, if you are I have no clue why you’d be on my site), yesterday you would’ve had the opportunity to see the following update: “Breaking News: Bill O’Reilly is gay.”

Or, if you’re exceptionally lonely and just happen to be an avid Twitter follower of CNN correspondent Rick Sanchez, you might have seen this update yesterday:


But the best one, the coup de grâce of hacked Twitter updates, is the one that showed up on Britney Spears’ official page:

Britney Spears hacked Twitter update

Damn. If only I had the dork knowledge it takes to be a computer geek and be funny.

So my hat is off to you, good man! Or woman. But more than likely a man. An overweight man. Who lives in his mother’s basement. And eats a bag of Cheetos every day.

My teeth have vaginas,


Old Poop!