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…you’re gonna want to read this.

In February, Knitting Factory Records released the first batch of Fela Kuti’s catalog remasters and I posted this. In April, the second batch was released, and I posted this over at Heard Mentality. And yesterday, a third round of eleven remastered albums (collected on six CDs) was released.

This third set, titled “The Zombie Batch,” collects work created by Kuti from 1976 to 1980; the albums are arguably the most well-known recordings of his long career.

The eleven albums collected are:

“Zombie” (1976)
“Upside Down” (1976)/”Music of Many Colours” (1980)
“Stalemate” (1977)/”Fear Not For Man” (1977)
“Opposite People” (1977)/”Sorrow, Tears and Blood” (1977)
“Shuffering & Shmiling” (1978)/”No Agreement” (1977)
“V.I.P.” (1979)/”Authority Stealing” (1980)

If you’re not familiar with his work and want a free taste, download this MP3 of Fela’s hit “Zombie.” This was the first song of Fela’s that I ever heard, so it’s appropriate that it might serve as a gateway to his catalog for you as well.

To learn more (and purchase) “The Zombie Batch,” click here.

A fourth set of Fela remasters will be released this winter, so stay tuned.

Fatboy Slim introduced me to Fela,


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