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Bang bang, the boogie to the boogie...

Still not big on the design, but happy to see it represented in this way.

Now where’s that Phife Dawg stamp,


…designs Hot Wheels for Mattel.

One of his cars, the Mach Speeder, recently made its way onto a USPS stamp.

We have the coolest friends,


No, seriously, did you?

I'm not kidding.

Because whoever sent it to me only signed it with a smiley face.

For reals.

The best part?┬áIt came in a “We Care” bag from the USPS, apologizing for the “damage” that happened to the “mail” during the process of shipping and handling. From what I could tell, the potato arrived in tip-top shape.

The USPS feels guilty.

So yeah, if you mailed me a potato… thanks. I think.

I would’ve preferred an avocado,




Sending out mail soon,


Ray Charles! On a stamp!

Mess around,


Now you're gonna die!

The Man in Black… with a sticky back,


Johnny Cash stamp from the USPS

Can’t wait to buy a sheet,


…for this “OC Weekly” article.

Going next week,


…sent to me from friends and family in Milwaukee, and all of them had a Kermit the Frog cancellation mark across the stamp! Pretty cool!

Not sure if that’s a nationwide thing or not, but it’s good to see Kermit’s mug plastered across my mail.

Except my bills. Please keep Kermit’s face off my bills.

Kermit the Bill,


King and Queen "LOVE" stamps

I’m a bit of a stamp nerd and think they’re pretty cool. Great art.

Anyway, that’s all. Go about your business.

They should make scratch-n-sniff stamps,


Old Poop!