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Darth's vacation begins.

Join him on the dark side… and by “dark side” I mean “Hawaii,”


Officially on vacation,


KB and I are heading back to our hometowns tomorrow (Chicago and Milwaukee, respectively) for a week-long break from all things Los Angeles.

I’ll try and update “The Blarg” periodically while I’m gone, but it will be a little bit hit or miss. Mostly because I’ll be drunk the entire time.

What made Milwaukee famous,


…and I shot a few (phone) photos along the way! Enjoy!

The dogs played in the water… and one of them got Cold Water Tail.

We made chili and drank a lot of booze!

And we saw a bunch of this crap, too.

I really have to update my Flickr account,


…while out in Hawaii, so look for a few photo uploads over there. Or you can avoid Twitter altogether and just go straight to my Twitpic page.

My life really isn’t that fascinating,


KB and I are off to Hawaii for one last time (at least for awhile). I’ll try and update the site while we’re away but probably not as often as I usually do.

I hope everyone enjoys the “Lost” series finale on Sunday!



…two three-day weekends to be exact, so we thought we’d take a couple of short road trips. We had two separate destinations in mind: The Grand Canyon and Tombstone; two awesome ideas for quick little getaways.

And then we realized that both destinations are located in the state of Arizona. If you remember, late last week Arizona governor Jan Brewer signed a racist bill into state law. Click here to learn more.

In protest of this bill several cities and states have launched boycotts against the state of Arizona, encouraging citizens not to spend one penny in the state until the bill is killed. And so, instead of the Grand Canyon and Tombstone, Kathy and I will be heading to Napa Valley and Catalina Island.

If you’re not from Arizona but have the potential to spend money within the state, don’t. If you’re from Arizona and think this bill is an atrocity, write Governor Brewer and let her know:

The Dishonorable Jan Brewer
Governor of Arizona
1700 West Washington
Phoenix, Arizona

Or call her:

Telephone (602) 542-4331
Toll Free (800) 253-0883

Or fax her:

Fax (602) 542-1381

Or email her by clicking here.

Putting Arizona in a fiscal choke hold,


And this update comes with photos of cigars:


Cheddar cheese ‘n’ bacon French toast:

Cheddar cheese 'n' bacon French toast

And children reading “The Satanic Bible”:

Anton Szandor LaVey's "The Satanic Bible"

Enjoy the update here!

Food, smokes and the Devil,


Old Poop!