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Last night, KB, Bethany, Jorge and I checked out the play “Sad Happy Sucker” at the Lyric Hyperion Theatre in Silver Lake.

“Sad Happy Sucker” tells the story of Eddie, a confused and self-doubting man, who finds himself literally stuck in his mother’s backyard.

The play’s cast is what makes it shine. Eddie Ebell portrays the perfectly manic main character, while Jeanine Anderson plays his concerned and well-meaning mother, and Valentine Miele portrays the neurotic doctor called in to diagnose Eddie’s affliction.

Written by Lee Kirk, directed by Sean Gunn, and produced by Jenna Fischer, “Sad Happy Sucker” effortlessly blends the absurdities of everyday life with comedic irreverence and timing.

“Sad Happy Sucker” finishes its run at Lyric Hyperion over the next two weekends with six more performances scheduled: Friday and Saturday nights at 8PM, and Sunday nights at 7PM.

Learn more about “Sad Happy Sucker” here, and purchase tickets here.

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