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More gifts!

…for this sweet beer stein and these Pike Place Market stickers that they brought back from Vancouver and Seattle (respectively) for us.

The stickers are already on my suitcase,


After four years... FINALLY!

…in Napa four years ago. We said we wouldn’t open it until we had a special occasion to celebrate.

Last week Monday, production on Vendetta wrapped in Vancouver. Tuesday night, we emptied the bottle.

Worth the wait,


Two dirty socks in the lobby of TD Canada Trust bank in Vancouver!

If these are yours, ask yourself why you’re leaving dirty socks in a bank lobby.

So gross,


…right here:

Hi. My girlfriend and I just finished “Missing the Boat.” It was great, but so sad. It was nice to read about animals that we have so much in common with.

They are very similar to the possibly extinct species the Paramon, which met their demise during the snowstorm of 2008 in Vancouver. They love salt, but once they started eating all the road salt, they died from either car accidents or carbon monoxide poisoning.

I was just wondering if they exist elsewhere in the world, as I can’t find any info on them. Do you know?

-Andrew Harris

I do not know, Andrew Harris, but your email makes me love you.

Fan male,


Old Poop!