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How do I know? Because later this month it’s being released there on DVD and Blu-ray, and buyers will be able to pick from one of these three collector’s covers.

German "Vendetta" cover A!

German "Vendetta" cover B!

German "Vendetta" cover C!

Me and Hasselhoff,


Now all we need is a DVD player!

Still kinda surreal,


New "Vendetta" poster!

So pick up your copy!

I’ll sign any DVD… not only Vendetta,


…for making this banner for Grey when we came back from the hospital.

"Welcome Home, Grey" banner by Anthony!

He also made this card…

And this card...

…which—even though it features a drawing of our entire family, including Grey—has absolutely nothing to do with her arrival. Instead…

...which is only for me and has nothing to do with Grey...

…he wanted to congratulate me on Vendetta.

...but instead is about "Vendetta."

I contributed to the creation of two things in 2015,


Thanks for the support, guys!

These guys are the best,


Incorrect greetings runs in our family.

…for sending a bunch of delicious fruit and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY balloon to congratulate me on the release of Vendetta!

It’s not even close to my birthday,


Mind. Blown.

This is not a joke,


…right here:

This kind of made me like him,


Kevin and Ralph of "Alright, Let's Do A Podcast."

…right here!

They were there,


The Hollywood Reporter

…right here.

Worlds collide,


Old Poop!