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…are these five albums:

1) Feathers’ “Synchromy”

2) Fitz & The Tantrums’ “Songs For A Break Up: Volume 1″

3) Various Artists “Urban Revolutions: The Future Primitive Sound Collective”

4) DJ Cam’s “Mad Blunted Jazz: Disc One”

5) Victor Bermon’s “Arriving At Midnight”

You know the drill.

Blindly picking,


PS: I write these posts mainly because I’m honestly interested in hearing what other music people are listening to. If I come across something that sounds cool, or if it’s something I’m not familiar with, I do seek it out. So please, spread your musical knowledge. This is how new favorite bands and albums are discovered.

So I’ve gotten into quite a routine since moving out to Los Angeles. Without any running around to do or friends coming down or dropping by, I’ve been very productive this past month.

This is both good and bad.

Still, my day has become pretty regimented, and I’ve been turning off the TV and listening to a lot more music in the process.

I usually wake up when Kathy gets back from her morning run with our dog, Mr. Fabulous. She leaves for work, I get ready, and then make a small breakfast and a pot of coffee. I watch the news and check emails until around noon. Then I turn off the TV and put five CDs in my player.

Then I just sit back, work and listen.

So I’m gonna start giving my daily breakdown of what I’m listening to. Just five CDs, completely random. I pick them from my CD racks blindly.

And here is today’s music:

Disc One: Victor Bermon “Arriving at Night” – Totally chill, minimal instrumentation. No vocals. Great winter weather music. If it were only winter here. Then again it did get down to a bone-chilling sixty degrees today. Brrr….

Disc Two: Various Artists “Carolina Funk: First in Funk 1968-1977” – Funk. From the Carolinas. In the late sixties, early seventies. A lot of guys trying to be James Brown, but still some great music on this 22-track collection.

Disc Three: The Crystal Method “Vegas” – For me, one of the seminal albums that got me into the whole electronic resurgence in the mid- to late nineties. Any album that starts off with a sample from “The Dark Crystal” is okay by me. Besides, I met these guys years ago and they were sweethearts… and they held my taco. Don’t ask.

Disc Four: Death in Vegas “Scorpio Rising” – I used to love Death in Vegas back in the day (I saw them open for the Chemical Brothers in Detroit in 1997), but this album has more misses than it has hits. A few gems, though, including “So You Say You Lost Your Baby,” which I love for some reason. Completely unlike me to like a song like that, but I can’t shake it.

Disc Five: The Cat Empire “Two Shoes” – Fun little band who had a radio hit about a year or so ago with “Sly.” It’s okay. Nothing I’d have sought out on my own, but still a catchy little album that one can breeze through while tapping their foot and not really hearing many of the lyrics.

So, there you go. Check back tomorrow for more.

It’s a pleasure to meet ya / You look like one incredible creature,


Old Poop!