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Aunt Ciappa!

…for finding (and delivering) Bad Guy and Robot.

She’ll forever be their aunt,


…but we’re grateful for folks who visited us a few months back, including my cousin Ann Marie and her boyfriend Jacques who were visiting from Minnesota…

Old visits with Ann Marie and Jacques!

…and our good friends Mel and Kyle who were in town from California.

Old visits with Mel and Kyle!

Those are from December,


…as I’m sure you can tell from the fucking Christmas tree in the photo, but big thanks to Grampus and Grandma Sue for coming to visit the kids back in, you know… December.

I’m the worst,


We love us some Averhoffs!

…for visiting!

More soon about what they left behind,


They're the tall ones underneath the giant one.

…for stopping by on their way back to Ohio!

That thing just walked into the frame at the last second,


Fun brunch with Mana!

…for flying 2,000-plus miles just to stop by for brunch!

She may have had other reasons to be in town,


But where's Bubble Cat?!? Or Alien?!?

…for coming to visit last month!

It was the last time the weather was nice,


We love our A.B.!

…for visiting twice in one month!

So much A.B. in 2018,


Look at these cuties!

…who came up for some fall fun back in October.

Sorry, I know I’ve been slacking on Blarging lately. Lay off me, I’m busy!

More soon,


Another night with Catherine!

…for stopping in for one night!

She does this once a year,


Old Poop!