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It's a Grampus sighting!

We went through a lot of beer,



Oh, hi, Mark... and Julius.

…Metcalf for stopping by (via Missoula via Milwaukee on their way to Columbus)!

 Friends for over a decade now,


Dom gets all the Shady love!

…for stopping in on his way back to the U.K. (from Kansas).

He was on our side of the pond this time around,


Another visitor!

…for popping in for a night while visiting from Dallas.

The guests never end… and we love it,


Four Campbell ladies!

…to meet West, and for their generous gift!

West has already met more people than most adults,


Another quick visit from Erik and Robyn!

…for spending time with us last month while they were in town for a wedding!

Massive amounts of Aztec Chowder were consumed,


Get back to making us breakfast!

…for coming down and making us breakfast!

Babies are visitor (and food) magnets,


Another visit from Kat!

…for stopping by for a quick visit after a photo shoot in September!

Obviously, I’m way behind on these posts,


We saw a Suephus!

…for stopping by for a few days on her way back to L.A. from South Carolina!

She brought us the best jam,


West didn't make the cut.

…for coming to visit!

So many bubbles,