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Thanks for hanging, Erik and Robyn!

…way back on July 13th!

I know, I’m the worst.

Thanks for visiting, beautifuls!

They are my second home,


More visitors!

…for stopping by for a few beers on their way up to Lake Geneva last weekend.

Hoping Marcia notices what I did there in the headline,


Visiting Texans for brunch!

…for coming all the way from Texas just for a quick brunch!

Give our love to Scotty when you get back home!

They were actually in town to visit family… and to see Hamilton,


Four full days of Ciappa!

…for spending all last weekend with us! It was great to hang!

And to have you help out with Grey,


Look at all them Campbells/Parsons!

…for stopping by for Thai food and booze!

Grey had a kid-tastic weekend,


Look at all them Schleichers!

…for visiting us this past weekend!

Grey was napping when that was taken, and only appears in a pic on KB’s phone.

First set of two kids,


We hosted the Driscolls for brunch!

…for joining us for brunch a couple weekends ago!

Grey got some non-daycare Edie time,


More! Visitors!

It was a great time… save for the restaurant meltdown,


It's a Johnsons sighting!

…for inviting us out for some beers (and ginger ales)!

Looking forward to continuing the fun at the farm one day soon,


…this past weekend!

Simon is kind of in there, promise.

And we love and miss you, Bowery.

We hope wherever you are right now is filled with tennis balls.

She'll always be one of the best.

Mr. Fabulous is wearing black (with patches of white) in mourning,