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We love our A.B.!

…for visiting twice in one month!

So much A.B. in 2018,



Look at these cuties!

…who came up for some fall fun back in October.

Sorry, I know I’ve been slacking on Blarging lately. Lay off me, I’m busy!

More soon,


Another night with Catherine!

…for stopping in for one night!

She does this once a year,


The Lattas! Twice!

…for coming up twice in four weeks!

We now owe them a trip to Louisville,


Beach bums!

…for coming on down for some beach fun a few weeks ago!

No more beach fun for awhile,


Great to see you, Carrie!

…for coming down for a night of tacos, dance parties, and Supermarket Sweep!

Just a typical Friday night in the Shady household,


Another great round of guests!

…for visiting and making for a great weekend!

A mix of old and new friends,


We had a Dima!

…for coming to visit, albeit briefly.

Next time bring the whole family,


Yay! Mel!

…for stopping by for dinner last week!

The last time Mel saw Grey she was only three months old, and he’d never met West, so it was great to catch up.

Also, he gave me a sweet candy bar… but more on that later.

The wave of guests continues,


Another Kelsey visit!

…for visiting us last week!

She then traveled east to go west,


Old Poop!