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So I’ve already got three tattoos and (it’s true what they say, they’re addictive) I’m ready for another.

I’d like to get a fourth tattoo in 2009, and have finally decided what the art for it will be.

I plan on getting this image tattooed just above my ass crack:

Just imagine seeing this directly above my hairy ass crack.

EXHIBIT A: Just imagine seeing this directly above my hairy behind.

Pretty cool, right?

And then I figured I’d try and convince my girlfriend to get this image tattooed on her stomach, just above her crotch:

And this just above your girlfriend's crotch.

EXHIBIT B: My girlfriend's future tattoo.

I figure with these tattoos adorning our naked bodies it’ll make for some really freakish mutant sex.

Not like we don’t have that already.

Is oral from Walrus Man actually anal?


Old Poop!