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…and I also want to send my love to all of my awesome and amazing family and friends who fought the good fight and marched all around the world on Saturday.

Much love and support to Giordana, Debbie, Angela, Shelley, Kenley, Emily, Kelsey, Bethany, Nandita, Hunter, Alyssa, Bill, Sarah, Jonah, Simon, Lille, Adam, Jah, Kaya, Mel, Kyle, Amélie, Mana, Greg… and anyone else I missed!

I’m proud to call each and every one of you a friend; you continue to give me faith in humanity. Keep it up, stay strong, and take the power back.

Much love,


…better known as the D.C. sniper who terrorized Washington and surrounding areas in October 2002, was executed two hours ago by lethal injection.

Good riddance.

Malvo should be next,


Old Poop!