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…and to Milan, Ciappa, and Tiggins for making the drive down from Milwaukee for what turned out to be an amazing St. Patrick’s Day weekend last month.

Grey finally met Henson (and partook in some shamrock-themed shenanigans)…

Henson and Grey meet with shamrocks!

…and then Emjo joined us for a lasagna dinner.

Pre-Ween lasagna!

The initial spark for the weekend was Ween, who played two live shows at the Aragon Ballroom on March 16th and 17th (we went to the show on the 17th).

The last time I saw Ween play live—with many of these same friends in attendance—was nearly twenty years ago.

Ween at Aragon Ballroom on March 17th, 2017!

Uncle Milan made Grey laugh…

Milan funny.

…and Ciappa choke.

Milan murder.

And then Marla joined us for a shrimp boil.

Shrimp boil!

Then… things got weird. And drunk. And werewolf-y.


In the end, it was a fantastic weekend that made me nostalgic for days past, but also appreciative of lifelong friendships that will certainly last well into the future.

These are just some of the people I love.

Let’s do it again soon,


Ween and wrestling!

Oddly enough, an hour after I noticed that I started listening to music on random, and this was the first song to pop up:

I did! It was hilarious!

Out of over 34,000 songs! Weird.

The Boognish sees all,


KB hates these guys!

…but you’ll definitely never hear this on regular radio.

That’s not my car,


For real this year,


…are these five albums:

1) Ween’s “White Pepper”

2) Charlie Haden’s “Nocturne″

3) Vic Ruggiero’s “Understanding New Jersey/Living In Sin”

4) Boss Hog’s “Whiteout”

5) The Chemical Brothers’ “Brother’s Gonna Work It Out”

And today you’re listening to…?

A lot of “white” lately,


…right here:

Zuri Allen Star “My Number One” – I’ve got news for you, lady: Your “Number One” is nothing but a huge, stinking pile of number two. If the banality of your lyrics isn’t enough to kill a human, your overdone, Cher-synthesized pop production will easily pound the final nail into the listener’s coffin. Barf. And that’s me being nice.

Ween “At The Cat’s Cradle, 1992” – Back in the day, I used to love me some Ween. In recent years they haven’t impressed me as much (“White Pepper” was mostly okay; “Quebec” was about half alright; “Shinola” had a hit or two; and “La Cucaracha” was void of anything substantial), but that doesn’t stop me from still throwing some old and classic Ween into my CD player regularly. So, needless to say, I was very excited when I heard about this most recent live release that dates back to 1992; a time when Ween was only two men, Dean and Gene Ween, and a cassette deck with pre-recorded bass and drum beats. This was a time before hour-long jam sessions and versions of “L.M.L.Y.P” that last longer than most sitcoms. An era long before they’d play the same song two, three or sometimes four times in a performance. Instead, this recording is just the two Ween brothers as they push through a 21-track set of material that is still new to everyone hearing it. You’ve got a lot of the old-school classics like “Big Jilm,” “The Goin’ Gets Tough From The Getgo” and “You Fucked Up,” as well as a few tracks that wouldn’t make it onto a studio album for years, like “Buckingham Green.” The CD is accompanied with a DVD, which features some live video performances of the duo in the early nineties, including a March 6th, 1992 performance from a small club in Columbus, Ohio called Stache’s. When I first moved to Columbus for college in 1994, I was able to catch a few performances at Stache’s before they tore it down and turned it into parking lot. Ween’s performance is sweet, but even sweeter was the nostalgia I felt watching them perform in a now-destroyed club from my youth. If you’re a Ween fan, more specifically a fan of their older stuff, pick this up. If you’re not a Ween fan, you probably really hate their early works, so don’t bother. But for Ween nerds like myself, this is a gem.



Old Poop!