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1. A murdered goat…

2. …who was not only a pygmy…

3. …but was also a birthday gift to a four-year-old boy

4. Cross-dressing

5. Addiction to bath salts

6. Porno mags at the murder scene

Trying to piece it all together? Here you go.

Only in West Virginia,


…for being the longest serving Ku-Klux-Klan-member-turned-U.S.-Senator in United States senate history!

You may remember Byrd for his voting record over the past 57 years, including a vote against the Civil Rights Act of 1964!

Congratulations, Exalted Cyclops! May your 57th year in office be your last!

Exalted Cyclops… you’ve got to be fucking kidding me,


…but that doesn’t make this any less enjoyable:

Thanks for reminding me that this exists, Peters!




Old Poop!