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Don't mind if I do!

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After four years... FINALLY!

…in Napa four years ago. We said we wouldn’t open it until we had a special occasion to celebrate.

Last week Monday, production on Vendetta wrapped in Vancouver. Tuesday night, we emptied the bottle.

Worth the wait,


No! YES!!!

Awesome awesome trouble.

KB has a wine (buying) addiction,


Oscar's wine.

Tonight, we’re drinking it.

KB gets all the perks… or at least one of them,


While in Hungary, KB, Emily and I visited the House of Hungarian Wines at Buda Castle in Budapest.

We each decided to do a prix fixe tasting of seven different wines (three whites, three reds, and a dessert wine), but were slightly caught off guard by the price when we realized each tasting cost around $40 each.

That price might be appropriate for Napa or Sonoma, but for Hungary (a country that isn’t even on the Euro yet, and currently has a 225-to-1 forint-to-dollar exchange rate) it was pretty steep.

Until we realized that by each “tasting” they meant “nearly full pour.” Needless to say, we were there quite awhile.

The night started off well with glass #1.

The House of Hungarian Wines: Glass #1

And the warmth began to set in with glass #2.

The House of Hungarian Wines: Glass #2

We chilled out with glass #3.

The House of Hungarian Wines: Glass #3

But the paranoia started to set in with glass #4.

The House of Hungarian Wines: Glass #4

Which created the prankster antics of glass #5.

The House of Hungarian Wines: Glass #5

Which lead to the violence of glass #6.

The House of Hungarian Wines: Glass #6

But in the end, like most people, we all fell in love with each other by glass #7.

The House of Hungarian Wines: Glass #7

Worth every dime,


Wasps and wine!

Wish I could frame that,


…a few months ago. You may remember that from this post.

We bought one bottle of wine from each of the vineyards we stopped at. Every once in awhile, KB and I will pop one open for the night. This past weekend we opened this:

It’s a Petite Sirah/Syrah blend called Achilles Weakness from Red Soles Winery. It’s so goddamn good.

I admit, I’m more of a $3-bottle-of-swill kind of guy when it comes to wine, but this stuff is worth every penny. If you’re interested in checking it out for yourself, click here.

Free ad,


KB and I took a quick road trip this past weekend up to wine country in Paso Robles, California! Here are a few (phone) photos from our trip!

Limp-wristing it through the west!

KIDS EAT FREE BEEF! (They’ve also laid off gloom, doom and bad news.)

Giant beer from F. McLintocks!

Giant appetizer from F. McLintocks!

Empty coffee and eggs Benedict from Odyssey World Cafe!

Eagle Castle vineyard!

Empty tasting glass from Red Soles!

KB making a friend at Lone Madrone!

Beer sampler at Firestone Walker Brewing Company!

Heading back home with the sun in our rear-view!

Red hills!

I took better shots with my real camera,


…for the past eleven years, I have hosted a weekly gathering known as Food Night.

Food Night is a chance for me and my friends to get together, cook dinner, have some drinks, and catch up on the past week.

As you can tell from this photo, the Food Night essentials are:

1. Shawn O’Brien… CHECK!
2. Beer… CHECK!
3. Wine… CHECK!
4. A painted egg bird from Dwellephant… CHECK!
5. A deck of Confederate flag playing cards… CHECK!

Let the Food Nighting… begin!

Rebel yell,


A few months back, I posted this about the upcoming documentary “Blood Into Wine” featuring Tool’s very own Maynard James Keenan.

Today, they just released an awesome new trailer for the film! I don’t want to give anything away, so just check it out for yourself here:

Learn more about “Blood Into Wine” here, and more about the Arizona Stronghold Vineyard here.

Can’t wait,



Old Poop!