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…and a few famous wrestlers showed up to our party.

Sting, distracted by toys and cookies, mostly ignored the ring action…

Cookies beat wrestling!

…and “Mean” Gene Okerlund just drooled all over the place.

He's so mean!

Road Warrior Hawk made a yummy salsa…

Salsa Hawk!

…and Chyna got a tiny bit drunk.

Pretty spot-on, actually.

Big shock, I know.

That wig has come in handy twice now,


Who is it, brother?!?

…for this MySpace article! Dig it!

Guessing I’m on a shit-list,


What's going on? Wrasslin'!

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Linda can’t escape me,


Sweet Jesus, that's awesome!

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Forgot Paul Bearer,


You're welcome.

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I love the Sandow,


Anybody want a peanut?

…for this Myspace article! Dig it!

Ain’t no They Live,


More like the AWESOMEST place on Earth!

Ohhh yeah… brother!

Pretty sweet costumes, especially for a middle-aged daughter and her slightly-more-than-middle-aged mom.

Still, the best Macho Man costume ever goes to my good buddy Kevin Kittridge who, on the night of our wedding three years ago, braved a brisk fall evening in Chicago wearing nothing more than hot pink underwear and a sequined cape.

Look at the balls on this guy! Literally!

Snap into fucking awesome!

And I like to think I made a pretty good Hogan myself.

So many wrestling costumes, so little time,


Old Poop!