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…located just outside Wrigley Field a bunch of times.

Still want glasses like that.

But only recently did I notice the weird fans sculpted into the base of Harry’s legs.

But not legs like that.

This mother and child combo is especially creepy.

Or the soul of a child.

They remind me of the souls trapped in Freddy Krueger’s chest in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.

I will take Freddy's souls though!

One, two, Harry’s coming for booze,


We went to a White Sox game!

Sara at the White Sox game!

And a Brewers game!

Sara at the Brewers game!

And a Cubs game!

Not Sara at the Cubs game! But trust me, she was there.

Three baseball games at three parks in two cities in three days! Seriously!

Thanks for visiting, Sara. Let’s do it again soon. Preferably¬†in the off-season.

My heart is crying from all that stadium food,


Old Poop!