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…but I’m flattered that a few of you thought it was during last night’s Emmys.

My name will be up there someday soon,


dead at 88.

Spent many (measurement of time) (present verb) on the (mode of transportation) filling in Mad Libs with words like (swear word), (another swear word), (dirty word) and (another swear word),


…passed along this amazing animated short called “The Cat Piano.”

Written and directed by Eddie Winter, and narrated by Nick Cave, the film has already won a ton of awards and official selection nods from the film festival circuit.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

To learn more about the video and its creator, check out this site.

So good it makes me jealous,


WHAT?!? NO!!!

Holy shit. You know the drill:

Christ. What a year for death.



Old Poop!