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KB & Grey Danger: Tag-Team Champions!

Yeah, brother. Seriously, a brother.

Pre-sex tape.

Fabulous mullet.

Hell yeah, brother,


…to attend WWE’s PPV event Fastlane in Milwaukee last month.


We got comp tickets (Thanks, WWE!), so we had no idea where our seats would be until we got there. Imagine our surprise when they walked us down to the fourth row right at ringside. We were sitting right behind Bill Goldberg’s wife and son, for crying out loud!

We were like giddy little kids in a candy shop.


At the end of the night, they let us keep our chairs, which is awesome because I always wanted to sit on Bill Goldberg’s face.


I’ve been to a handful of live WWE events before, and plan on going to more in the future, but I’ll probably never have seats like this ever again. I’m now spoiled, like a coach flier who gets bumped up to first class for free and sees what life is like on the other side.


And let me tell you, brother, life on that side of the ring is pretty damn awesome.

Oh! One last thing: I recorded a bit of the pre-show banter off our TV. If you look closely, starting around the 13-second mark, you can see me, KB, Dori, and then Milan (in that order) walk behind Cesaro as he’s talking smack.

Back to being a commoner in the nosebleeds,


Are you ready to Royal Rumble?!?

Jodi went home $30 richer,


Ween and wrestling!

Oddly enough, an hour after I noticed that I started listening to music on random, and this was the first song to pop up:

I did! It was hilarious!

Out of over 34,000 songs! Weird.

The Boognish sees all,



Thanks, man.

Bring back Rico,


Like this! Only worse!

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I need a respite,


I see... a bike!

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Winding down,



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They’re just getting weirder and weirder,


Worst. Poster. Ever.

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Still a Cena supporter,


Who is it, brother?!?

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Guessing I’m on a shit-list,


Old Poop!