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…but I know enough to know that’s not how you spell “agua.”

Drive thru light greenish-blue,


…is a shady pavilion, thank you very much.

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…right here:

Peace, love and murder,


Damn… I update this site a lot, huh?

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Revenge is sweet,


…in the next two months, be sure to check out the Santiago Bose art exhibition at the Yuchengco Museum.

For the exhibition, titled Remix: Santiago Bose, more than thirty artists–writers, painters, poets and videographers–were invited to create artwork inspired by the work of the late artist Santiago Bose.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to take part in the exhibition thanks to my good friend (and Santiago’s daughter) Lille Bose, and I’m honored to be a part of it.

Each writer chose one of Santiago’s sketches and then wrote a short story that was inspired by the piece.

I picked this piece:

Each writer was then asked to take an excerpt from the story and write it out by hand. Here’s my handwritten excerpt:

The exhibition starts February 11th and runs through March 31st, so if you happen to be in the Philippines during that time (I know this is probably a long shot here) be sure to check it out.

Here’s the official press release:

Artist. Joker. Cultural provocateur.

Santiago Bose died in December 2002. After he died, it became apparent that Bose’s artistic influence spanned various fields of multimedia. In “Remix: Santiago Bose,” more than 30 artists that Bose inspired, influenced, challenged and mentored present their interpretation of his artwork and continue his legacy.

The opening of “Remix: Santiago Bose” is on Thursday, February 11th, 2010 at 6:30PM at the Yuchengco Museum, RCBC Plaza.

Featuring the visual works of:

Ged Alangui
Arnel Agawin
Leonard Aguinaldo
Rica Concepcion
Kawayan de Guia
Mark Justiniani
Kwatro Kantos
Perry Mamaril
Jordan Mangosan
Alwin Reamillo
John Frank Sabado
Wig Tysmans

Featuring the literary works of:

Lilledeshan Bose
Day Caluza
Frank Cimatu
Khavn de la Cruz
Adam David
Karla Delgado
Easy Fagela
Luis Francia
Ed Geronia
Jessica Hagedorn
Lawin Ileto
Amir Motlagh
Imo Quibilan
Bino Realuyo
Justin Shady
John Silva
Eileen Tabios
Lorely Trinidad
Krip Yuson

Going international,


That’s it. Just beautiful.

The only good thing about the Olympics,


It seems as if I’m the last person on Earth to come across these photos. Thanks for sending it along when it came out, jerks!

Below are two promo shots for the upcoming season of “Lost.” Click on each image to view a larger version.

The Lost Supper

The Lost Supper

I’m Judas,


Some of it’s brand-new! Some of it’s just new to me! Here are four albums I’ve been digging lately.

Massive Attack “Splitting the Atom EP” – An awesome four-track taste of what we can expect from their upcoming full-length (“Heligoland”) in a couple weeks. This EP is classic Massive Attack: dark, brooding and sexily sinister. The EP’s second track, “Pray For Rain” featuring TV on the Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe, is quite possibly one of their best songs ever. It’s great to have the Attack back after a seven-year hiatus.

Robert Glasper “Double-Booked” – Jazz pianist Glasper returns with his third full-length for Blue Note Records. The first six tracks of the disc’s dozen songs (including a cover of Herbie Hancock’s “Butterfly”) were performed by The Robert Glasper Trio and are more traditional in their structure. The album’s last six songs were performed by The Robert Glasper Experiment (Glasper has numerous projects featuring different musicians) and are considerably more… well, experimental. On the second half, keep an ear out for a brief guest rap from Mos Def (“4eva”) and a guest vocal spot from jazz singer Bilal Oliver (“All Matter”).

Four Tet “There Is Love In You” – The fifth full-length from Four Tet (the moniker that electro/post-rock musician Kieran Hebden creates under) flips back and forth between trippy transcendence and bass-heavy dance, keeping listeners second guessing what will come next. I’ve been a fan of Hebden’s past experimentation, but this disc features less of it; the result is the most accessible album in Hebden’s catalog. Is that a good thing? Sure. I just hope it doesn’t keep him from pushing the boundaries a little further next time.

Various Artists “Next Stop Soweto: Volume 1″ – Strut Records is destined to become one of my favorite labels, especially if they keep releasing music like this. This first installment of a three-volume collection uncovers underground South African music of the late ’60s and early ’70s. If you’re looking for remastered, crystal-clear sound, look elsewhere; these are raw and real recordings of the era, featuring acts like S. Piliso & His Super Seven, Piston Mahlathini & The Queens, and the Lucky Strike Sisters. Never heard of any of them? Of course! That’s the point! But without this music, albums like Paul Simon’s “Graceland” never would have happened.

More coming soon,


…and kudos to MSNBC’s David Shuster for not letting this loudmouthed asshead walk all over him:

Breitbart eats fat dinger,



Old Poop!