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…and got rid of a ton of old clothes.

Most weren’t worth noting, but I wanted to give a proper sendoff to a few items.

First, this t-shirt that my good friend Dwellephant did the art for (I think it was for a Camel-sponsored party at the old Lady Bug Club in Milwaukee):

Bon voyage!

For that same event, my good friend Erik Rose did the art on this shirt:


Dwellephant also gave me this t-shirt many Christmases ago. It features my main Milwaukee man-crush: Mike Gousha!

Auf wiedersehen!

A shirt for Columbus-based band Cotton Jackson (I drew up that logo for them over a decade ago):

Au revoir!

The Teen Girl Squad shirt the Brothers Chaps sent me after I interviewed them for Tastes Like Chicken:


And finally, this not-so-old COCK hat from Goorin Bros., which shouldn’t be falling apart but for some reason (i.e. a severe drop in product quality) is:

So long!

At least I was able to save the patch.

Now hanging on a rack at the Council Thrift Shop on Pico,


We’re watching 1968’s The Boston Strangler. In it, there’s a character named Attorney General Edward W. Brooke. The actor (shown below on the right) looked extremely familiar to me, but I couldn’t place him.

William Marshall: Attorney General Edward W. Brooke

After a quick IMDb search, I found out he was played by actor William Marshall, who was also known as Blacula.

William Marshall: Blacula

But that’s not what Marshall is best known for. For five seasons, Marshall played the King of Cartoons on Pee-wee’s Playhouse.

William Marshall: The King of Cartoons

That’s right, Blacula is the King of Cartoons. Holy shit.

I heard the sound of my brains imploding,


"The Shining" by Josh Cooley.

…for sending us this awesome Josh Cooley print inspired by The Shining!

We’ll love it forever… and ever… and ever,



So meaty,


…which clearly illustrates that I need a new hobby.

It’s come a long way from number one,


This guy should get a gig writing for Hallmark.

Brutally honest wheat pasting,


Fabio? If you say so!

…because he looks way different than I remember.

Probably due to reconstructive face surgery after the bird strike,


CNN says embrace the suck!

Glad CNN is finally spreading the word,



…that say: “HEISENBERG!”

Contrary to popular belief, these signs aren’t announcements of our newest furry addition. Sadly, the truth behind their purpose is much more boring: Our youngest beast has taken to running out the door every time someone comes or goes, so the signs are there to serve as a reminder to watch for her.

They’ve been up for a few months now.

Over Christmas, I was watching Erik and Robyn’s furry friends while they were out of town. When I walked into their apartment, I found this sign on the inside of their front door.


Heisenberg is everywhere,


I seriously can't believe that most of these titles are real.

…but thanks for all the colorful suggestions, AT&T U-verse!

Those titles leave nothing to the imagination,


Old Poop!