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West Rebel Wilder Robert Bryja Shady is one!

I love you so much, little buddy!

I meant #2 as in “second child,” not second favorite… or poop,



…next to a dumpster of a now abandoned school building behind our place.

From what I can tell, the album documents a 1995 school trip for a class of Chicago high school students who visited a farm and campground in Wisconsin.

Most of the photos are boring (a lot of kids standing around trying to look too cool for school), but a handful of them are amazing. I’ve decided to post these gems one at a time and caption them along the way.

Here’s the first one:

Denise and Brad have now been unhappily married for 19 years.

“Don’t take my picture, Brad!” slurred Denise, who was joyously drunk on a near-lethal mix of Jolt Cola, Cool Ranch Doritos, and Bubble Tape. But as she coyly turned away from him, Denise softly whispered to herself, “Take my picture, Bradley. Take it, process it, print it… and then fall in love with me forever.”

Six more to come,


…of the new theme is up! Here it is:

Check out all of the headers (so far) here,


Another great round of guests!

…for visiting and making for a great weekend!

A mix of old and new friends,


A Molitoriginal!

…for this “fixed” baseball card.

The Purple One-Eyed Monsters are my favorite team,


…of the new theme is up! Here it is:

Check out all of the headers (so far) here,


…and, amazingly, they visited the George W. Bush Presidential Library & Museum while they were there.¬†Obviously, this would not have happened had I gone along.

Still, KB brought back a “souvenir” for me. And then I fixed it.


No longer the worst… but still pretty awful,


…a “baby doctor” Barbie to be exact. (Seriously, that’s what she’s called.)

Grey's first Barbie!

But for some reason, it came with this baby claw machine…

Grey's first baby claw machine!

…though I’m not sure the person playing wins or loses with that prize.

Thanks to Uncle Bob for the gift!

I bet Kenley could win a baby,


We had a Dima!

…for coming to visit, albeit briefly.

Next time bring the whole family,


"Pass The Sugar" by Joe Hachem.

…from James Thurber to read Pass The Sugar, the autobiography of 2005 World Series of Poker champion Joe Hachem.

Trying to up my game,


Old Poop!