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He shot a man in Reno,


Yesterday, I posted this about a comic strip titled “Bawdy” that I used to collaborate on with artist Matt Daley.

Today, Daley posted this final entry on his blog about the strip.

Comic stripping for a living,


…my mom and dad took me to Disney World in Florida. I was five years old, and it was my first time in a Disney park.

A couple days ago, my dad scanned a bunch of old negatives from that trip. Yesterday, he sent a batch of them to Bethany and me. (Note: Bethany wasn’t on this trip because she was only nine months old at the time. My parents left her with our grandparents.)

I was going through all of the images when I came across this photo:

This picture got me wondering: Dad, why didn’t you bring your short shorts on vacation with you?

Super Dad indeed,


…I was running a humor/entertainment magazine called “Tastes Like Chicken.”

More on that later. Mwa-ha-ha!

Anyway, during that time I was fortunate enough to work with an illustrator named Matt Daley on a comic strip called “Bawdy.” I wrote, he drew.

They looked something like this:

A few days ago, Daley posted a few of these strips on his website. He wrote two posts about the strip; the first one is here, and the second one is here. Check ’em out!

Thanks to Matt for posting these. I had forgotten how much I liked working with him. Maybe in the future, huh?

Again, more on that later. Heh.

Collaborating since 1976,


Bio pic coming soon,



Check it out right… here!

Halloween in February,


…standing on the corner of Olympic and Sawtelle. He was holding a skateboard in one hand, a half-full beer and lit cigarette in the other.

As people approached the corner to cross he’d scream out a quick rhyme about the person based on what race he thought they were.

While pointing at an Asian woman waiting to cross he screamed: “Japanese?!? Nigga, please!”

Next up was an average looking white guy wearing a hat and a backpack: “Don’t like the French?!? It’s the stench!”

The walk signal lit up and I began to cross; that’s when he got to me. I couldn’t make out the first half of his brilliant little street poem, but I heard the last line as clear as day: “Eat a knish!”

Don’t mind if I do, insane man. Don’t mind if I do.

Danish Yiddish Jewish,


…was an event held in Hawaii a few weeks ago for the season premiere of “Lost.”

Jay and Jack (of the popular “Lost” podcast) were there to interview folks on the red carpet. Bethany and Jorge were two of those folks.

Check it out here:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Jay and Jack’s next video will feature a tour of “Lost” locations around the island, and Bethany will be playing their tour guide. I’ll be sure to post that video when it’s up.

Proud big brother,


…to know that Stegosaurus couldn’t spoon each other.

That’s the thought I woke up with today,


…as told in eighteen photos!

(Note: These were all shot with my phone so they’re kind of crappy.)

View from our room at Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall & Saloon!

KB ready to get her gamble on!

Christian Slater and Slash playing poker!

KB about to get mauled by a gigantic tiger!

Siegfried, Roy… and tiger!

I met The Rock on The Strip!

This gorilla punched KB in the face!

David’s junk!

The Disco Horse loves Dale Chihuly!

More tigers!

Bellagio water sports!


Lions sleeping above us!

KB winning!

KB winning again!

Vegas Vic on Fremont Street!

Us being tourists looking at other tourists being touristy!

Heading back home!

I took many more photos than that,


Old Poop!