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I have his business card.

So true.

I have his business card,


Theune as Breyer!

…in this Funny or Die video.

Sometimes they make good points,


Moja rodzina!

Thanks for an amazing visit!

Next up: Coulson,


Thanks, Allison!

…who also just happens to be a kick-ass human being, too.

Thanks for the twelve,





Now I'm thinking about it!

Now I’m also thinking about it,


$500 meat, fruit, and cheese plate... that was good, but not THAT good.

…that we CLEARLY didn’t pay for.

I forgot to post this back in February, when it happened.

Ain’t no meat, fruit or cheese that good,


That don't phase her!

No problem.

She’ll literally do anything for a treat,


Sometimes... get a kiss just because.

…is pretty okay.

It has its perks,



It’s now stuck to my phone case,


Old Poop!