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Thanks, Rita!

…for sending me the last two existing combs from her late father’s funeral home.

Read an interview I did with Rita’s father here.

Gotta grow a beard now,


Penny: Destroyed!

Just an outline of Abe,


Twenty years old and still kicking it... in my dad's garage.

Such a tease,


Where the recycling bins are...

…has to resort to garbage can graffiti to spread his message.

Take me down to the… curb,


Max: Fighting litter with litter since 2014.

…of course, he expressed that view by stapling paper to trees, which eventually will fall off into the road and become litter, but hey, he gets an “A” for effort.

“F” for execution,


Beer schwag from Loren!

…for sending me another sweet package of beer schwag!

Included were two pint glasses (Farewell Milwaukee, Surly Brewing Co.), a sticker and coaster from Surly, and another coaster from Steel Toe Brewing.

Thanks, Loren! The glasses have officially joined the collection!

Encouraging others to steal,


GWAR's Dave Brockie (Oderus Urungus): 1963-2014


A few years ago, Erik Rose interviewed Dave for “Tastes Like Chicken.” I tagged along and shot a few photos. You can check it all out here.

My camera has never been so sticky,


Seriously time to delete this app.

Or whatever,


The end is nigh.

…stay tuned.

The final bow,


"Mute" written by Frank Cvetkovic.

…turn his new comic, Mute, into a printed reality!

Mute is a 48-page modern noir comic written by Frank, drawn by Michael Harris, and edited by Adam P. Knave. It tells the story of Adrian Kim, a deaf steel mill worker who finds himself on the run from a killer.

Ready for the hook? Because Adrian is deaf, the book is void of any spoken dialogue or sound effects. Pretty sweet idea. Wish I had thought of it. Maybe I’ll steal it… and add serial killers.

Anyway, learn more about how you can get involved here.

Patience is a virtue, Frank,


Old Poop!