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Let Me In (Overture Films)

1. I have to admit, I was nervous going into this one because I love the original (John Ajvide Lindqvist’s “Let The Right One In”) so much. Imagine my surprise when I walked out of the theater not only loving this remake of the Swedish film from a few years back, but also considering that it might even be a little better than its predecessor.

2. It’s shot absolutely beautifully and it’s apparent that writer/director Matt Reeves handled every frame of the movie with extreme care and foresight. Look for any scene featuring the lead character’s mother (Cara Buono) as an example.

3. Child acting could have easily ruined this film. Instead, the kids are its strongest part. Kodi Smit-McPhee and Chloe Moretz are completely believable as the leads, and Dylan Minnette plays a bully that audiences will love to hate.

4. The adult actors of “Let Me In” are equally as good: Elias Koteas plays a cop and Richard Jenkins plays the “father” of Chloe Moretz’s character. Both are obviously talented character actors, but it was especially great to see Jenkins play a role that’s unlike anything he’s done before.

5. The entire movie is fantastic, but there is one scene in particular that made me literally whisper “holy shit” out loud. I’m not one for spoilers but, trust me, you’ll know it when you see it. It’s a long shot of Richard Jenkins in the backseat of a car. That’s all you need to know. Now, go.

I love being proven wrong,


Stone (Mimran Schur Pictures)

1. I love Ed Norton, Robert De Niro and Milla Jovovich. But while their performances were all great, the story of “Stone” fell flat for me. Proof that a great cast doesn’t always make for a great film.

2. The film features a collaborative score of ambient noise and sounds from Jon Brion and a couple of the fellas from Radiohead. The music is, by far, the best aspect of the movie.

3. “Stone” is shot well, it’s pretty. But again, not pretty enough to make me want to watch it again.

4. Frances Conroy offers up a solid supporting role as the religious wife of De Niro’s character. Keep your ears open for the line, “Get me another fucking drink, cocksucker.”

5. Milla Jovovich has some freakish nipples! The film has a long shot of them in profile and, man, they look like someone stuck two Tootsie Rolls on her chest! Of course, this makes me love her more.

For a better De Niro/Norton pairing watch “The Score,”


And I shook his hand!

That is all.

It was too good of an opportunity to pass up,


A brand-new “Lost” podcast that covers every episode from all six seasons.

Stay tuned,


…who has been known to go by the name Smokin’ Joe Blow from time to time, just had his first novel published.

Titled KnoWare Man, the book is a sci-fi adventure story about cryogenics, implanted bombs and a shitload of smoking. If that’s not enough to hook your interest, the book also features an intro written by yours truly. Buy it for that!

Hard copies of the book are available here for $13.00; a digital download of the book is also available for $6.66.

Congrats to Thomas!

Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy,


Last night, KB, Bethany, Jorge and I checked out the play “Sad Happy Sucker” at the Lyric Hyperion Theatre in Silver Lake.

“Sad Happy Sucker” tells the story of Eddie, a confused and self-doubting man, who finds himself literally stuck in his mother’s backyard.

The play’s cast is what makes it shine. Eddie Ebell portrays the perfectly manic main character, while Jeanine Anderson plays his concerned and well-meaning mother, and Valentine Miele portrays the neurotic doctor called in to diagnose Eddie’s affliction.

Written by Lee Kirk, directed by Sean Gunn, and produced by Jenna Fischer, “Sad Happy Sucker” effortlessly blends the absurdities of everyday life with comedic irreverence and timing.

“Sad Happy Sucker” finishes its run at Lyric Hyperion over the next two weekends with six more performances scheduled: Friday and Saturday nights at 8PM, and Sunday nights at 7PM.

Learn more about “Sad Happy Sucker” here, and purchase tickets here.

Professional bowling dreamer,


This past Friday, a group of us went and saw a friend do improv at a local comedy theater.

While there, I used the venue’s bathroom and found this:

Toilet paper? Check. Air freshener cone? Check. Fresh produce? Ah… check.

But the weirdness doesn’t end there.

Last night, we went and saw a play at a theater in Silver Lake. When I used their bathroom I found this sign taped above the sink:

Well, I would hope so.

What I did in that room was totally legal… except in Arkansas,


…in Milwaukee last week, it proved to be a huge success for the Cigelskes.

Here’s a short video documenting the evening.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Rally ’round the family,


…on his upcoming guest spot on “How I Met Your Mother.”

Learn more here.

Two in one week,


But wait! It’s not over!

Cinematic genius,


Old Poop!