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Matt Frewer lives!

Matt Frewer lives,


Sixth (and final) month!

And… that might be it for the year. I think. But hopefully not.

Waiting for September,


Ericka in Chicago!

…for visiting us from Houston this past weekend!

We hung at Mellow Yellow,


Well, here are a few from my past.

First, here I am with my high school girlfriend, Abby-René, at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois. If I had to guess, this photo was probably shot sometime in May 1993, just after we went to prom.

Look at all that hair!

Next up, me, Abby-René, Beth, and my old friend Elden. This one was also shot at Great America, probably in May 1994, also just after prom.

We're just babies, man!

And finally, here I am with Emily, an old college girlfriend. Apparently, I was unable to buy clothes that actually fit me. Everything I’m wearing is horribly baggy, and I have no idea what’s going on down in my crotch area. This one was shot in the summer of 1995 at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio.

No idea what's going on down in my crotch area.

Pretty sure camera phones have forced these into extinction,


This required a quick Google search.

Kids these days,


Grey Danger: Big Sister

This August, Grey will become a big sister to a little brother.

And then there were four… plus a dog… and two cats. So really seven, I guess. And then there were seven.

Tried so hard to hold off until April 1st,



Stick to fascism,


with our good friends Emily, Rebecca, and Harry.

Two weeks ago, on February 17th, we jumped in Ireland with our friend Kelsey… and with Grey strapped to my chest.

The 2017 jump photo at O'Brien's Tower at the Cliffs of Moher.

Specifically, this was shot in front of O’Brien’s Tower at the Cliffs of Moher (AKA The Cliffs of Insanity from The Princess Bride) in County Clare.

Sadly, we forgot to jump in London.

Guess we’ll just have to go back,


Tim Cigelske's new book "Analytics to Action: A Guide to Social Media Measurement."

…his new book Analytics to Action: A Guide to Social Media Measurement.

The description:

“Analytics to Action is a guidebook for creating a social media measurement system. Topics include selecting relevant metrics, identifying target audience, deciding which social networks to engage, optimizing posts for success, creating a management system, and predicting successful content. Technology will change, but your ability to move from analytics to action will endure.”

So if you’re looking to expand your social media reach (or if you’re looking for something more than my approach to social media, which is to curse and offend as much as possible), pick up your copy of Tim’s book here.

Gotta get our copy signed,


…know that I appreciate both the gift and the joke.

So many dicks...

Unfortunately, I have a strong aversion to gummy candy, which means all of these dicks are probably gonna end up in KB’s mouth. little time.

That’s hot,


Old Poop!