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…I took my cousin Alex’s senior photos.

In return, I got this:

Pee-wee Colorforms!

With all of the pieces still intact!

Thanks to Teri and Alex for the awesome payment.

Totally worth it,



An awesome Chaplin print from Salomon.

…for this Chaplin print!

It glows in the dark,



…which was awesome. But now, thanks to our good friends Erik and Robyn, we’ll be getting clues to help solve a MURRRDERRR every month!

Thanks to those two victims—er, I mean friends—for our new Hunt A Killer subscription. KB and I are on the case!

Beer and murder go hand-in-hand,


…know that I appreciate both the gift and the joke.

So many dicks...

Unfortunately, I have a strong aversion to gummy candy, which means all of these dicks are probably gonna end up in KB’s mouth. little time.

That’s hot,


…for sending Mr. Fabulous a gift that officially makes her one of us!

The Fab in the hat!

By Dr. Fabulous!

She was feeling so left out,


Claire + Jasika = Good Friends!

…for this amazing (and handmade by Jasika) baby quilt…


…that has this wonderful little quote (taken from a text KB once sent to Jasika) sewn directly into it.

You are smart. You are funny. You are going to be president one day.


This preceded a basketball game,



…for these handmade booties!

They literally watched a grandmother knit these in Portugal,


…visited a few weeks ago, and he brought me a gift.

Loren! And a new Shady sweatshirt!

A new Shady sweatshirt to replace my old ruined one!

Believe it or not, Loren came across this sweatshirt at Goodwill. So awesome.

Thanks for extending the Shady sweatshirt legacy with your generous gift, Loren.

He can come to Food Night anytime,


Cuteness from the other side of the Atlantic!

…who sent us this baby cuteness all the way from England!

Airplane friends make the best friends,


…we had a Kermit the Frog washcloth we’d use whenever we took a bath.

If you had asked me two days ago what ever happened to it, I would’ve told you our mom probably threw it out or donated it to the Goodwill after we moved away from home. It’s definitely safe to say I hadn’t seen it in nearly two decades.

Last night, Beth gave (what’s left of) it to me as a belated/framed birthday gift.

Oh, the bathtub memories!

It will proudly hang in the bathroom of our new apartment,