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…I took my cousin Alex’s senior photos.

In return, I got this:

Pee-wee Colorforms!

With all of the pieces still intact!

Thanks to Teri and Alex for the awesome payment.

Totally worth it,



I. Can. Die. Now.

Yes. You read that correctly.

Holy. Shit.

I’ve known about this for over a week and I’m still shocked.

Be there on June 10th.

Get your tickets now.

Learn more here.

More announcements to follow,


…for this amazing birthday gift of an original, two-sided Gary Panter sketch featuring Pee-wee Herman and some of the Playhouse gang.

A Gary Panter...

...frickin' original. Whoa.

I am truly not worthy,


…was gonna guess our baby’s name.

Surprised that Amazing Larry wasn't on the list.

I sense a definite theme.

He forgot Billy Baloney,


…a specific art print from the Little Friends of Printmaking¬†in Milwaukee for years now.¬†Specifically, the “This Boy is a Hero” print, which is inspired by the pet store rescue scene in Pee-wee’s Big Adventure.

The Little Friends of Printmaking's print "This Boy is a Hero"...

Last week, our good friend Carrie came to visit, and look what she brought me! now mine!

And the weirdest part is that she had no clue I had been wanting it for years.

Pretty awesome.

Thanks, Carrie! I’m going to start wanting a million dollars next, so be sure to bring that with you next time!

Think and ye shall receive,


…(though I did record an episode a couple weeks back when the Black Keys were on) but a friend sent me this link this morning:

Pretty great, especially the Anderson Cooper part.

Here’s a headline,


Have you ever seen “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure”?

If you haven’t, leave. If you have, you’re obviously familiar with Amazing Larry.

But why is Amazing Larry rocking that Mohawk? What’s his story? Why is he amazing? Well, check out this outtake:

And now you know.

Is this something you could share with the rest of us,


You might not recognize the name of their town, but you definitely know their dinosaurs that Pee-wee made famous in his big adventure:

Kathy, Mr. Fabulous and I hit the road last weekend, traveling a hundred miles east to the tiny, truck-stop town of Cabazon, California. We went for two reasons.

Here’s the first reason (click on all images for larger versions):

The dinosaurs of Cabazon, California

And here’s the second:

The dinosaurs of Cabazon, California

The two beasts posed together:

The dinosaurs of Cabazon, California

KB got fresh with a dinosaur:

The dinosaurs of Cabazon, California

And we asked a stranger to take a photo of the three of us:

The dinosaurs of Cabazon, California

Kathy and Fabulous posed with an old miner and his mule:

The dinosaurs of Cabazon, California

And then we fed her to a fanged beast:

The dinosaurs of Cabazon, California

Next time we’re taking Meatshake,



Because this:

Reminds me a lot of this:

And since we’re visiting the topic, have you guys seen this yet?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Blarg is over here,



Last week, I had an opportunity to attend a press event that was held to promote the upcoming live stage performance of “The Pee-wee Herman Show” which will be hitting Club Nokia here in Los Angeles next month.

I originally posted this short blurb and photo, but this is the full scoop, folks!

First, here’s the roundtable interview. It’s in two parts because YouTube has a ten-minute limit on videos. What you can’t see in the video is, to the right of Pee-wee there is a small six-year-old boy. His father brought him along to the interview because he is a huge fan of the show. It makes me feel good that kids can still appreciate a show I was obsessed with over two decades ago.

Pee-wee Herman Interview: Part 1 (December 7th, 2009)

Pee-wee Herman Interview: Part 2 (December 7th, 2009)

And here are a few photos from the event. Click on each image to view a larger version.

Pee-wee Herman!

Pee-wee Herman!

Pee-wee Herman!

Pee-wee Herman!

Pee-wee Herman!

Pee-wee Herman!

Come on in and pull yourself up a chair,