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dead at 74.

Part eggplant,


dead at 42.

What Willis is talking about,


…with special guests… KB and me! Check it out right here!

Things go sideways soon,


…by Imagiverse right here.

She’ll always be my “Contra” bro,


…is awesome.

I’m aching now,



…while out in Hawaii, so look for a few photo uploads over there. Or you can avoid Twitter altogether and just go straight to my Twitpic page.

My life really isn’t that fascinating,




KB and I are off to Hawaii for one last time (at least for awhile). I’ll try and update the site while we’re away but probably not as often as I usually do.

I hope everyone enjoys the “Lost” series finale on Sunday!




Now hating two states,


…right here.

Two days,



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