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In related news, 18% of Americans are fucking idiots.

Keep drinking the Kool-Aid, morons,



Now hating two states,


…right here:


Stop talking about Tiger Woods. This isn’t news.

I think it’s hilarious that you spend most of your time talking about whether or not the media should be talking about it! Hypocrites!

Knock it off and move on to any other real news (i.e. two ongoing wars, a terrible economy, health care reform, etc.).

You’re no better than TMZ. Seriously.





Also, if anyone knows Catherina Wojtowicz of Chicago’s Mount Greenwood community, do me a favor and slap her square in her ignorant face. My hope is that she’ll have to be taken to an emergency room, and then they’ll refuse to take care of her.

Health care reform is going through no matter how much you morons scream and cry. Deal with it.

Flea Party Patriots,




…thanks to all you morons who voted for bigotry yesterday.

To you, I pass along this message that I wrote to all the Californian bigots a few months back. I’d write you your own post, but you’re not worth the time.

The 51st State of America is the State of Idiocy,


Why? Because of this.

These fools recently held an exorcism to root out the evil “homosexual demons” that supposedly had their grips on a local 16-year-old boy.

Check out a video of the exorcism here:

Someone should exorcise the asshole demons out of the congregation of Manifested Glory Ministries. Morons.

If God were real she’d be gay,



Check out this video:

Then click here and read the moronic comments people left about the video.


Thanks to Dwellephant for sending that my way this morning.

Let’s put bombs in morons’ heads,


Old Poop!