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It's a Steib Family visit (minus Pam)!

More coming in tonight,


He killed it!

…Uncle Bob!

Congrats! You win nothing!

He totally called it in the comments section a year ago,



I seriously probably would’ve pooped my pants!

Pharmacies are the new Wild West,


…doesn’t look too different from the site’s top five commenters in 2012.

Top five commenters on "The Blarg" in 2013.

My mom still holds the crown for top commenter with an even 200 comments (nearly doubling last year’s total), but my good friend Brandon Doherty moved up a notch, stealing the #2 position from my Uncle Bob. Both Paul Spooner and Jocco slipped out of the top five, only to be replaced by Kate C. and my dad.

Now, let’s see which of you really love me in 2014.

And… they’re off,


Yes, you read that correctly.

It started as a spur of the moment act of weirdness around (I’m guessing here) 15 years ago. Since then, it’s become an anticipated annual event known as… wait for it… Kissmas.

We’ve kissed every Christmas since then with the exception of only one year. In 2008, just after moving to Los Angeles, I didn’t go back home for Christmas. In my absence, my Uncle John kissed my Uncle Kevin.

Unfortunately, this Christmas, we also weren’t able to make it back, so Kevin and I improvised with a FaceTime smooch.

Uncle Kevin and Shady's Kissmas 2013!

The tradition lived on. That is, until my Uncle John sent me this photo of Kevin kissing my Uncle Bob after he already e-kissed me!


So, obviously, my Uncle Kevin is a cheating floozie who has no problem going around and kissing whatever family member he wants. I’m really gonna have to rethink this relationship before next Christmas.

Just kidding, I can’t wait to kiss him again!



Visitor madness begins,



This post is in reply to this email I got from him this morning:


Two days have passed since the Packers beat the Bears to go to the Super Bowl, yet we haven’t seen a “Blarg” post about it.

What are you, some pussy-whipped spouse-to-be who is afraid of his future Bear-loving in-laws? Or have you turned into some California-loving liberal freak?

Get to it.

– Uncle Bob

Favorite nephew,


…featuring my Uncle Bob, right here.

Everyone has an uncle named Bob, but mine is the best,


Old Poop!